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 Cycle routes


 With Hugo trough Sławięcice and not only


Januszkowice- Sławięcice- Kędzierzyn Koźle 32,08 km

From Januszkowicewe we go along an asphalt rode to Kędzierzyn-Koźle through Krasawa, Raszowa and Łąki Kozielskie. In the district of Cisowe we head straight on to Kłodnica and Sławięcice. From there, we go towards the centre. At the end of it we turn left, downhill on the road in the direction of Stara Kuźnia. Going that way, we pass on the left the remains of the concentration camp – Auschwitz branch. Next, after crossing the railway crossing, turn right. We go to the end of this road, where we turn left at the so-called. “Royal Route”, which brings us to the estate called Azoty. From there we turn right and after 3 km we reach the city centre. The route runs partially though off-road paths. Generally it is quite interesting and easy.



 Around Góra św. Anny 52,43 km

Tour begins in the village Januszkowice. Going along Kościelna Street we head to Leśnica, passing at the same time Krasowa village. Along the asphalt rode we continue in the direction of Strzelce Opolskie. We pass villages Poręba and Dolna. The road is not too busy, that is why during the week, you can ride there safely. From Leśnica to the end of Poręba the trail leads uphill. After passing Dolna turn left into asphalt road leading to Rożniątowa . After a few kilometres the pretty good asphalt becomes heavily cracked and full of holes. Fortunately, this is not a long distance. Leaving Rożniątowa we get to the main road and we turn left. We pass Kalinów, then Kalinowice and we follow the signs towards Zdzieszowice, reaching to Wysoka village – on this part of the road we go up the hill. In the centre of the village we turn right, going to Ligota Górna, where once again we enter the main road, we turn left and go straight to Gogolin. From there we ride towards Zdzieszowice, passing villages; Obrowiec, where we turn left, then Krępna and Rozwadza. We pass Zdzieszowice and we get back to the beginning of this trip.



Ujazd- Zimna Wódka- Zalesie Śląskie 26,12 km

We start our trip on the national route 40 and follow the signs to Ujazd. In Ujazd near the Commune Office we turn left heading for Stary Ujazd. The Asphalt rode here is quite full of holes, but for tourist bikes are not the worst. We pass the picturesque Stary Ujazd and direction (note here that you shouldn’t miss it) place Zimna Wódka and we head for Olszowa. Behind Olszowa we cross the road 426 and straight to Czarnocin. Here is a little downhill and uphill. From Czarnocin to Zalesie the road leads to a large hill- about 2km along narrow asphalt road. This kind of road for one car. Once we drive up it, we will see quite pleasant landscape. The hills and valleys sown by the farmers. We get to Zalesie, from where we go to Ujazd. We arrive at a roundabout. Further to the right and we are already in Sławięcice where we turn left at the STOP sign and slowly we finish.



Kędzierzyn Koźle – Leśnica 18,97 km

We go along Grunwaldzka Street to the northwest towards Aleja Spokoju then we continue along Brzechwa Street and turn left into Aleksander Fredro. Then gently to the left and then we turn right towards Kozielska. We ride along Kozielska and turn left to Góra Św. Anny.



Zdzieszowice- Pławniowice 35,76 km

The whole route leads along asphalt roads. We leave Zdzieszowice, from where we go to Leśnica and then to Raszowa and Łąki Kozielskie reaching a K-Koźle (Cisowa district). We continue along the same route, which runs through the fields and partially through the forest. Most important thing is that it has small traffic. We get Sławięcice where we enter the main road leading to Pyskowice. We pass Ujazd and after a few kilometers turn right reaching Rudzieńc Gliwicki. Next through the forest we get to Pławniowice, from the side of the Palace.




Zdzieszowice- Głogówek- Krapkowice 68,04 km

We set out from Zdzieszowice and head for the ferry. Beyond Odra we go to Mechnica, crossing national 45 route. From there straight on Walce and then through Głogówek to Mochów, where we turn right, heading Smolarnia. We get to Kujawy and there the rest of the route we overcome trough the way to Krapkowice and then to Zdzieszowice. The whole route runs along asphalt rode with low and medium traffic. Mostly between fields. The surface is quite good.

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