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Picnics and feasts with More Than Explore are the perfect complement for conferences, seminars and corporate meetings. Depending on your suggestions regarding the time and duration of the picnic, we can prepare games and activities for children and adults.Our program is an ideal form of active and passive recreation for the whole family. Picnics are the most versatile and effective form to provide entertainment and fun for a large group of participants. While developing the offer and then organizing the picnic we focus primarily on diversity.At our events, all participants, regardless of age, sex, education, and interests will find something for themselves. Large and smaller areas are divided for sport, entertainment, children’s and adventure sectors. At Your picnics we can provide activities such as: climbing on an artificial wall, shooting competition, a mini rodeo, group competitions, zorbing, quad racing and many other attractions for both adults and children. During the whole event we provide full service catering, hostesses, care instructors, medical care, security staff and media coverage in the form of cameramen and photographers who will perpetuate the best moments of the whole event. The announcer for the duration of the picnic reports at every sectors – on request, we also offer large screens. In particular we would like to recommend thematic picnics. It is entertainment perfect for integration events, family picnics and festivals. Unabated interest are knights picnics, Indian, communist-style, strongmen and casino / American roulette.
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