Hotel Hugo kibicuje ZAKSIE


Barbecue menu



Cold food

Spring salad, vegetable salad, potato salad, Greek salad, broccoli salad, pasta salad, lard, pickle cucumbers, pickles, baked goods, flavoured butters

Hot food

White borsch, Żurek (Polish cream soup) cooked on buttermilk, split pea soup, a kid of goulash, julienne poultry, sausage, chuck steak, black pudding, pork shaorma, chicken shish kebabs, pork shish kebabs, shrimps, squids, trout, salmon, limanda in vegetables, knuckle, rib roast, corn.

Warm side orders

A potato baked as a whole in herbs, a potato baked as a whole in Garlic sauce, sausage, potatoes and other vegetables made in Dutch oven, pineapple baked with smoked cheese. fried Parisienne potatoes.

Menu for children

Chicken fillets, mini hot-dog, mini hamburger


Night dishes served by the Chef

Roast haunch baked as a whole served with boletus sauce, fried cabbage and potatoes in shells

Roast beef baked as a whole with grilled vegetables and fried Parisienne potatoes.


There is a possibility to make a bonfire and prepare some of the dishes by the guests

The menu above includes only sample dishes.
We are open to your suggestions.


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