Hotel Hugo kibicuje ZAKSIE


Salt cave

Salt cave have such microclimate as that which prevails at seaside, and therefore a similar effect on our body. Clean air, ionized through the salt, not only relax, but also helps in the treatment of many diseases (eg. Asthma, rhinitis upper respiratory tract, neurosis) In addition, relaxing music and a pleasant twilight run extremely soothing effect on body and mind. A visit to the cave is a good way to quickly relax after leaving the job or even in the middle of the full duties of the day.

Child session* 10 zł
Adult session 15 zł
2+1 session (2 children + adult) 25 zł
2+1 session (2 adults + child*) 30 zł
Session for 3 people 35 zł
Ticket 10 entrences 100 zł
Ticket 10 entrences for a child* 50 zł

 Each session take 45min and starts at every full hour
*Children till age of 13

Please book in advance

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